Mountain Tortoise. 

Differences between a tortoise, terrapin and a turtle?
Tortoise: Lives on land, Vegetarian, retracts head directly into shell, feet with claws and has a domed carapace (shell)
Terrapin: Lives in fresh water, omnivorous, retracts head sideways into shell, feet webbed, flattened carapace.
Turtle: Lives in sea, Carnivorous, cannot retract head, Flippers, Flattened Carapace
Englerophytum Magalismontanum - Transvaal Milkplum - Stamvrug

Occurring on rocky outcrops or in riverine fringing forest. Fruit is edible, pleasant tasting and rich in Vitamin C. Fruit used to make wine, syrup, jelly and jam. Also loved by animals, especially baboons.
Piet-my-Vrou / Red Chested Cuckoo

The red-chested cuckoo takes on more than a single mate (it is polygamous). The nesting habit of red-chested cuckoo is to use the nest of another bird. About fifteen different species of small bird are parasitised. The surrogate family then raise the chick.
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Green Milkweed Locust

Produce evil-smelling foam when molested. Form swarms of many thousands and migrate long distances.
African Fish Eagle (Click on image to hear soundclip)

Can lift prey of up to 2kg out of water.
Plains Zebra

Has characteristic shadow stripes between the white and black stripes. Each Zebra has a unique stripe pattern which a baby must learn. The female will keep the baby out of the group for the first few days to ensure it will only learn her unique pattern. Group of Zebra are also known as a Dazzle of Zebra.
Millipede , meaning thousand legs.

Also called Shongololos, derived from the Zulu name for the creature. Has two legs per segment. They are very important to our ecological system, as they consume rotting vegetation and fungi.  Civets and Scorpions feed on Millipedes.

The family of Scorpionidae have large pincers and small stings, not very toxic but will be painful with headaches occurring when stung.  The other family of Scorpions, Buthidae have small pincers and large stings and are very toxic and medical intervention may be required.